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Poorly managed place! Unsafe for children

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15 September 2019

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My experience with this place was utterly dissatisfying. I visited Sky Zone Fort Wayne with my 2 children (ages 10 and 12), my nephews (8 and 10), and my sister with her little child (age 2). This was the first time when I had visited this place as we were seeing our family for the Christmas holiday and figured it would be enjoyable to take the children there. When we arrived we were immediately escorted to the PCs to sign waivers to rush the procedure at the check at the counter. The facility was not clean and appeared to be not well staffed. My children rapidly took off to the dodge ball region, it was their top pick. At the time when we were there, just one court had opened and the staff was not separating the groups based on the size of members, which was tiresome. The staff let the various gatherings alternate with their games than about the time we were prepared to leave they opened the other court for the little children since there appeared to be a flood of individuals coming in. Something else I hate about Sky Zone is that they do not peruse their client’s needs. As I said before, this was our first time visiting this facility so I got some information about the toddler area and the young lady on the counter guided me the wrong way. After wasting our 20 minutes, when we got inside to the trampolines the little child zone was headed towards the left of the little youngsters and there wasn’t a simple path for my nephew to explore where he should hop. He was scared by the size of different kids around him and would not bounce. While attempting to get him to bounce his mother was on the platform and I (in my socks with my hop time sticker on) was told to move from the area, I wasn’t permitted to remain there (later in the hour I saw numerous guardians remaining on the padding by where their youngsters were hopping). My sister talked with one of the workers; he brought a director over and talked with her, but he was too rude to listen to her. She immediately got an amateurish reply accordingly blaming her for foul language and not following principles. She not even once reviled and to the extent following standards, she never ventured off the platform onto the trampolines or the padding. By and large, I was disheartened by the experience and treatment we had that day. Our energizing fun trip for the children was tainted by poor client administration. If they had been taken care of by the administrator in a different way and had the owner of this facility had reacted without misleading indictments maybe the issue would have been dropped. In any case, simply need you to know how this franchise is overseen and what the owners think about their supporters. I have decided never to visit this place again!

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