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Skotel Amsterdam

Skotel Amsterdam Hotelschool The Hague Ludicrous bad, uneducated rude naive service, dishonest rates Amsterdam!!. If you would like to pretend you are getting international service and training at the Hotelschool The Hague you are either naive, a rube or not well travelled. First, I checked in and the rate for just myself was over 180 euro per night for two nights, above the high end of what is stated on the website. But do not worry, after living in over 50 nations, and all the very most expensive ones – I just stopped counting after fifty – and staying in every class of hotel, I assure you – DO NOT attend this institution educationally nor stay there as a hotel. It is dead obvious. Here’s why: I think and know it is morally and ethically wrong to treat employees and students this way. The staff is illegally stupid by my standard. It is not because I have more than three full college and university degrees. It is because they are transparent classist, age-ist and quite frankly racist and particularly sexist insulting and spoiled intellectual bunny rabits and bigots. The staff literally gave me three different answers from three different employees at the front desk as to when check out time really is … 11, 12, 4 PM. There special secret is to feign lack of authority and understanding and then be vindictive, intrusive and personal very, very wrongly. Staying here is literally less fun than going through international customs and having my bags checked. At least the international security does that well! It is more fun training a good natured dog in a park than staying here…. So what is the right answer, I asked the three employees, with two other employees standing behind them. I still cannot believe it, they simply do not care enough to check, nor help with bags, nor even really know that their is a rec center 250 meters away with a sauna and hot tub and more honest workers. I asked a few students. They really do not know, and even as an adult journalist that has worked in places where more than 40 people were shot to death less than a kilometer away these students are terrified by what amount to white racist, classist, supremacist sadism…some little games the students are reluctant to play against a really phony and declasse administration that passes the buck and is simply ignorant and rude, and in a vain – ludicrously vain – anti-social way. They should be paying you to take classes and stay here. Really. The females in particular seem to think it is there obligation to ask you more questions and make more mistakes regarding a simple breakfast or meal at their restaurant and that simple conversation by what amounts to rude particularly female dominants is really NOT a class act by any but an inhibited and uncommunicative rube, yokel, pleasantly socialized idiot or moron that really does not believe in higher education, good planning layout or intelligent staff. When the computer help desk located in the lobby, employees of apparently more than a year, also do not in fact know the hotel check out time, one begins to wonder how students can pay at all for what are NOT really good room and ludicrously rude and female sexist service. One can usually tell immediately when this is the case because it makes ALL the men, whether they are dressed in suits and ties or not, into pathetic uninformed workers and short-minded, shallow juveniles that on their own, after being given cues from the offensive adult staff that is simply talking back to you, being disrespectful and attempting to have the last word like ego-ists. If your daughter happens to be a brunnette, black, hispanic, latino the social caste system is so very lowly here that she is likely to be made a social victim of a feckless blithe blonde, both students and employees, simply for existing as audience – and made into victimized idiot socially in addition. Do NOT send your children to this school. I mean it. I do not hate nor dislike anyone enough to recommend they stay here or work here. Yes, it is like being abused by what amounts to “social fascism”. I guess it is all that white intellectual bunnies have….when they are not otherwise absorbed. Oh. Please forgive me. I am a Rabbit too. On the Chinese calendar. Aw no, this routine would not work on a child. The bad middle class drama of the Skotel does NOT have this kind of good dialogue….I am sure you understand by now…. The rooms are NOT good in that the shower has no door and makes a mess no matter how it is set, some of the lights turn off automatically when you turn others on – NOT A HOTEL NOR SCHOOL REALLY WORHTY OF A STAR – and you cannot turn the heat up high enough if you are cold even if you close the windows, and the covers are not warm enough. The TV’s are also set to time out and will not stay on…I again had to get the staff to help to even just put on a news channel. They took longer to turn on the TV than I ever dreamed. It is wrong to not cross train and retrain personel and leave them this mindlessly incompetent, unmotivated and ill-directed, wasting human heart while conserving electricity in a way that is uncomfortable at any price. The prostitutes in the red light district are much more honest than hotel personelle, and mature, and, once again, unless answering more than five questions about getting the same cerial, cheese and cheep meat and a beverage makes your day, as opposed to unobtrusive service that is simply polite and efficient, avoid the place utterly unless you are a consultant there to solve decades-long bad educational and social policies. The only people who stay here either cannot find a decent place to stay at any price or have believed some bs-ing white-a**** sales speech and the pomp and ceremony of name-branding. So as a social-psychologist, your son/daughter clearly endures being stigmatized for attending even if it is not socially intentional. This might generate a similar feeling to being demoralized, abused and simply giving up on anything but fashion, smoking, taking drugs and eating, practically – if possible, elsewhere….and the treatment amounts to a very unfriendly and sadistic, phony bad time. It is like being unlucky enough to be abused by bile-filled alcoholics or drunks in a s****.> I review both businesses and services for newspapers and K-postdocs internationally – for the abuse and restrictive social sadism of this place, and the limiting effect it has on ALL students, taking out a lawsuit against The Hague Skotel should be a parent’s most logical – and expensive – result. An education from this “school” IS WORTH NOTHING BUT A BAD SOCIAL CLUB! I was not the only person to complain while I was there: while one group of female and male students/guests was getting lectured and questioned by another ill-trained, unawake, disinterested and female-intimidated waiter she finally gave up at the shear stupidity of it and noticed that after the meal was mostly over her whole table had not even been given a customary basket of breakfast bread.

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