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Doctor didn’t inform me of the side effects

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22 September 2019

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I had botox units and felt my face puffed and sore. I was a first-timer in this experience and didn’t know who to ask for assistance. I saw a lady at the reception desk and talked to her of my experience. She wasn’t pleasant and listening to my experience.
I didn’t see any professional and pleasant staff. The doctor wasn’t calm about the procedure and that didn’t make me feel calm. Nobody guided me through the process of each step of botox treatment. A professional team guides the patient in detail of the botox treatment. At SkinSpaMED Dallas it wasn’t like that.
My negative experience with staff shows me no professionalism in the facility. They have various treatments and I decided on the Botox treatment. It was overpriced and a small problem with the Botox I had pain swelling and a slight droop.
I’ve been suffering this lasted five days the doctor didn’t bother to mention to me of the side effects and I felt disappointed with the treatment.
I didn’t get an apology from the rude and disrespectful staff for their unpleasant attitude toward me. I could tell the staff aren’t knowledgeable of the treatments at the facility and don’t care for the client’s service.
The bad attitude of team members isn’t pleasing to clients and I didn’t enjoy this experience at SkinSpaMED Dallas.
The lazy and unpleasant receptionist don’t care who comes into the office. Smoking at her desk and no bother of customers waiting on her for assistance. This company has employed untrained staff and no quality of work from the staff. I wasn’t impressed with the attitude of staff members. They didn’t care for the patient’s assistance.
At SkinSpaMED Dallas you won’t find quality and excellent client service. I paid the price and expected top-notch services but got the worst service from the team. I don’t believe in poor quality treatment and poor standards in practices as in this medical facility.
It discouraged me to see doctors rush the botox treatment to fit in the next patient on time. I didn’t feel calm, relaxed and comfortable at SkinSpaMED Dallas.
The treatment wasn’t what I had expected and wasn’t a painless procedure. I felt the swollen face and droop stayed on for more days than I expected. Nobody assisted me in procedures or informed me of the botox treatment in advance. I had no one to inform me of the botox treatment side effects. They are an unprofessional team and won’t go back there again!
I didn’t feel satisfied with the teamwork and don’t deserve to have this painful treatment. I had a part of my face discolored and feeling numbed and wasn’t informed of this side effect. I didn’t understand the procedure of botox treatment and expected information from staff members. There’re no communications with clients and staff members of the treatments and of how it affects patients.
The impatience in the doctor didn’t make me feel secure with my treatment.
I won’t recommend SkinSpaMED Dallas to anyone in need of facial treatment or botox treatments. This isn’t a professional team and they have no qualification. You would only experience disappointment at SkinSpaMED Dallas.

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