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Sixt Car Rental

Sixt Car Rental Sixt Sucks Atlanta Hartsfield Airport Nationwide!!. Hello. Here’s our story: I went through Travelocity to rent a car for our trip to Georgia. I reserved the car to be waiting at Atlanta Hartsfield airport when we arrived. I reserved a FULL sized vehicle (such as an Impala). Our total charges were to be around $350. We arrived at the little orange office for Sixt at the airport on May 25th. My husband said he wanted GPS. They said they only had one car with GPS and that was a Volvo V60 which of course was an upgrade of $200. I didn’t want to upgrade but noone listened to me. We were also told about Express Toll because we let them know that we planned to go see our granddaughter in Jacksonville Hospital. The counter lady wrote Toll Pass at the top of the printed contract at a charge of $79.90 She said if we ended up not needing it, she would remove it. We went to get the car and couldn’t figure out how to open the back trunk. There was noone to help us. I chased down one of the ladies and she did come over and open it for us. I had a hard time getting in the car because it was so low. I am disabled. I said I would rather have the bigger car I’d reserved but surprise! There weren’t any. My husband was the driver. He finally saw how to start the car (button) and then tried to get the GPS working. We drove over to the little orange office and asked if they could show us how to use the GPS. Another surprise, neither lady said they knew how. Then one lady brought out a Garmin. Now if I wanted a Garmin, I could have had the car I wanted too. Tried to use the Garmin (worthless). We paid $200 extra to use a Garmin??? I was very unhappy with the rental but she kept saying that was all she had. So the fact that I reserved a full size car didn’t matter . Over the next few days, my husband figured out how to use the GPS enough so that we could get around. We drove to our hotel in Griffin. We drove to our daughter’s in Griffin. We drove to the high school graduations we had come for. When we were arranging to go to Jacksonville, it turned out that the hospital said it was flu season and we could not see our grandbaby. So we didn’t need the Toll Pass at all. When we returned the car on time June 3rd, I did complain about the GPS, the Garmin, how uncomfortable the car was for me and that we couldn’t go to Jacksonville. They checked the car and said all was fine. She said she would have the Toll Pass removed. She had also offered a discount with them for our next car rental. What? We said not to bother as we live in Utah. We then went to catch our flight. I received the Sixt Invoice the second week of June. WHAT? It had a charge of $741.30!!! I reserved a car for $350 and end up with paying $741.30??? And guess what? The Toll Pass charge of $79.90 was still on it. Since they had my credit card from reserving, they had already put the charge on it. I want the charge removed that she said they would remove. I want some kind of concession with the $200 upgrade for my non-comfort in a car that I did not reserve. And…exactly what is a Concession Recovery Fee? ($62.39) or a Counter Processing Recovery Fee ($14.00) or a Vehicle Upkeep Recovery Fee ($12.00). We’ve never heard of all these and we’ve rented cars from other companies for years.

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