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Six Figure Success Academy

Six Figure Success Academy Ty Cohen and Michael Balmaceda , the creators of the program AMPLIFY DIGITAL GROUP LLC zero support, and not honoring a refund!!. I joined what turned out to be a 6 week course, yet they gave only a 30 guarantee. You find this out AFTER you pay for the course (about $1,100). The course most definitaly takes the full 30 days to absorb, if you’re lucky. I had submitted several support requests with important questions that went unanswerd. I even email both owners 2 or three times to get answers to very pressiing questions with no response, ever. Of course at the end of the video, once you made the decision to spend 1000 bucks, you get the big up-sell to charge you another $200 bucks a month for the “Inner Circle” to supposedly accelerate your ability to make “10X what you normally could make” etc…. but once you check that out you find that you already better have gone through the 6 week course first and have your ducks in a row before you could really ever take advantage of this “one call per month” support structure. This up-sell should never be offered until you are already up and running …..a total scam!! And THEN you find out that that 200 buck upsell is non-refundable??? I asked for it on day one of buying it, formy 200 bucks spent to be refunded, and was told NO! Also they made ridiculous demands of you to have all these milestones met before they would ever consider a refund of your course cost. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do any of what they say you had to do within that 30 day guarantee period….in a 6 week course? AND with NO support!! I had to go through Click Bank to get my refund! (they rock!) but told me that the 200 buck upsell was not refundable. So I have since had to dispute that charge with my credit card company to get my fund back. This is what you get from a couple of guys claiming to make millions per year, and have to fight to get a refund for something that was never delievered. They need my 200 bucks that bad?? My advice is to stay away from SFSA !!! There are better and cheaper ways to make money on line AND with real support!!

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