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Six Bends Harley Davidson

Six Bends Harley Davidson FT Myers Harley DavidsonFort Myers Harley Davidson Extremely Pissed Off!!! Six Bends Harley Davidson Screwed Me!!! Ft Myers Florida **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**!!. This nightmare started in November of 2019 when i bought a used 2019 Road King From Six Bends Harley Davidson. My wife and i drove to Six Bends on a Saturday after i did the online application and was told i was approved and to come pick out a bike and also said that i could drive it home the same day(which Did not happen until two weeks later).,so while at the stealership my wife and i picked out a used 2019 Road King. I brought a trade in which was a mint 2001 Trans Am that they lowballed the heck out of!so off we go into do the paperwork and i’m thinkin i’m bringing home my bike tonight!(NOPE!!!!) did not happen it got too late and now i was told that i would get it on Monday,they just forgot to mention it was two Mondays away!!!! I finally got the call to come pick up my bike… I get there only to be ignored as if i had some sort of disease while my salesman was busy trying to rippoff someone else, so finally after hours of waiting my wife and i go into the finance office and here it gets a bit uncomfortable because they being J-DUB and Kristi told me that if i did not buy at least one of their upsells that they would not do the loan so they basically forced me into buying the paint protection which was never applie that i paid 799.00 for and they were also supposed to detail my bike before i took it which they never did, they sprayed it down with water and wiped it off because when i got home i looked at every nook and cranny of the bike. So I have them come get the bike from my home because it was getting unbearablly hot and to detail it and put the paint protection on…AGAIN i get the bike back and it still has the same dirt on it that it did when i brought it home and they said they detailed it and put the paint protection on it and if they did they did it over dirt!!!!NOT GOOD!!!! Now I am starting to get pissed so i went to the stealership and talked to the service manager Randy I think his name was and this guy was talking to me like so dirtbag off the street and like i never rode or owned a Harley in my life!!!I have owened sevral harley’s and he’s telling me that these bike are supposed be get that hot, mind you i know Harley’s get hot but this thing was d**n near putting blisters on my legs…so after Randy realized that i wasn’t a friggan idiot he offered to put a different tune on the bike and give me a tuner, so i thought great! (NOPE!!!!) Now months are going by and they keep having to come get the bike for several reasons including replacing the gas tank twice and after the second one my bike just died 5 miles from my house! Now i’m pushing and 800 pound harley down a main road with everyone laughing at me,so now I am furious… I called them and told them I’m done with this bike and i can’t take it anymore, i mean i’m paying for a bike i can’t even ride damnitt!!! so i get the oh we are very sorry bull and we will call you right back and try to make this right (NOPE!!!) Two days later still no call so i went to the stealership and they had it all planned out. They said pick out another bike but before you do you have to fill out a loan application and i said why should i do that, it’s not my fault you sold me a lemon, they should have given me a bike for all the crap, money and embarrisment i went through. But no way you need to go through the whole process again and you pretty much have no choice! WHAT!!!!! At this point they already sold my car that i traded and i was put on the spot! So i picked out a bike and asked if they had it in black and the salesman (Pappy) said no also i did not want or need a higher payment. so not only did i get a bike i really did not want but the interesr rate was RIDICULOUS!!!!I went from 16% interest to 22% interest and i was never a day late on any payments on the other bike and as a matter of fact i asked PAPPY if i could just go back with American Credit Acceptance and he said no.. the deal is already done. Next thing you know i was just baffled so i went to walk outside for a smoke to kinda get a grasp on what just happened and I waliked right by A black street Glide Special way over in the corner that Pappy said they did not have!!!!!! Now I’m lost! At this point i was tired confused and just wanted to get on the bike (THAT I DID NOT WANT) and go home. Now i have the bike for a couple of days and guess what???? THIS d**n THING IS HOTTER THAN THE OTHER ONE!!!! and this one vibrates at around 60 MPH and make my eyeballs rattle and it is hard to focus, so i bring tit in and same bull they say it’s normal for the bike to melt your friggan legs and they took it for a test ride and did not feel any vibration….The guy who did the test ride must have had ahollow friggan head or something because he said, I don’t feel any vibration.WTF!!!! so right now I am paying for a bike i hate riding and they don’t give a rats a*s they want more money from me!That’s all they care about is money. They need to rectify this and make it right because this whole ordeal was very wrong and i will let everyone i know plus every customers house i go to every day(I Am An Air Conditioning Sevice Tech and I am in alot of houses daily). Six Bends Harley Davidson needs to make this right or i and alot of others will never buy from them or Harley Davidson ever again!!! And before people start with the (noone held a gun to your head bull) you need to realize the guys there are taught to screw people and it’s easier when you have someone backed into a corner!

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