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Siskin Enterprises Inc.

Siskin Enterprises Inc. Siskin refused to pay to have my chrome replaced on my car because of oxidation… Siskin Enterprises are a joke the warrenty is only good until you have to use it… I followed protocol and they still refused so what’s the point in having permaplate if they are not going to honor their end of the deal? Salt Lake City Utah!!. I called Siskin on or about March 28,2018 and I sent them pictures of my car the chrome…. They sent me a letter letting me know that they received them on April 04,2018 and we preceded from there… I went to the BMW dealership and they tried to detail the oxidation out but to no avail… So they contacted Siskin again to let them know what they did and what was going to happen that the chrome needed to be replaced… It was at this point Siskin did not contact me for some time so finally after some time I decided to contact them they at this time informed me that they were not going to replace my chrome… I asked why and I was told that this was not part of the warranty… I said are you serious the warrenty covers this and he says no I said yes until you need it… He hung up and that was it…

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  1. Cheryl A Zollicoffer August 9, 2020

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