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Simpson Roofing And Construction Hunter Simpson | Roofer takes money, refuses to live up to contract | Huntsville Alabama!!. Do not use this company. I contracted on 12/7/17 with Simpson Roofing and Construction to fix a leak in my garage. I was charged $400 to fix the leak to include 7×7 full tear off and replacement of decking and shingles while being promised a 1 year warranty, which the owner has failed to adequately live up to. Instead of fixing the leak, the leak has actually gotten worse and the company has become unresponsive in my request for the leak to be repaired, yet was quick to cash the check on the day it was provided. The owner was clear he didn’t do the work himself, which I am fine with, but assured the job would be done and done right. Instead of doing the proper repair, the owner and the sub-contractor opted to do a minor patch job saying that the decking was not soft and it didn’t make sense to demo out everything. While I paid for the tear off, reinstall and tie in; I was resolved in paying the full amount if the actual leak was fixed. After the supplies (an OSB board, some adhesive backed asphalt paper, and a package of shingles) were delivered, the work was u201cdoneu201d in about 45 minutes. I paid with check for the completion of the job and waited to see how the fix held up. On December 19th, after some bad storms, I noticed the leak was still present. I sent the owner a text (since this is how we communicated originally) saying the leak was still there. Four hours later, he responded only with u201cWho is this?u201d When I explained who I was, I got no response. On December 20th, I sent another text saying the leak was now worse than before his company doing work and asked when he could have someone out here to fix it since I already paid. The 4 texts sent that day went ignored. On December 21st I sent another text asking if someone was coming out. The owner responded again with u201cWho is this?u201d. After, again, explaining who I was, he finally responded saying his guy was coming back out to fix the leak that afternoon. At 3pm, I sent another text asking when his guy would be here and the response was that he would be there the next day. On December 22nd the subcontractor arrived and did some more patch work, even running the hose on the roof to check for leaks. During that time, the leak seemed to stop. I told the sub that if I noticed anything I would let the owner know. On December 23rd I noticed the leak was still there after a night of heavy rain. I sent another text to the owner asking for him to send his guy back out. The owner replied u201cYeah I just text himu201d. No response from either the owner or the sub-contractor after that. On December 27th I sent a text to the owner asking, yet again, when his guy would be out to fix the leak. The owner called and said he would have him back out that afternoon. Again, the sub-contractor came back out and fixed some shingles then told me to let the owner know if there were any problems. On January 8th I noticed the leak getting worse again (steady pouring into my garage) and sent a text to the owner. The owner only responded with u201cAddressu201d. Again, I provided the owner with my information about the leak and the repair I already paid him for. He stated in response that it will be u201cnext Mondayu201d (1/15/18) before he can get back to fix it. I responded… again… on where the leak was. The owner then responded u201cI do a lot of work I need a picture I have forgottenu201d. I then replied back with the pictures per his request. No response after that. On January 12th , I sent a text asking when to expect his guy on 1/15 per his previous text. No response. On January 14th, I sent another text asking when to expect his guy. No response. On January 15th at 4:09pm, I sent another text to the owner asking when to expect his guy to be out here for the repair. His response was u201cMan I am working on [it] I am currently out of town It will be fixedu201d On January 24th, I noticed the leak getting even worse than before and I sent another text asking when the someone will be out to fix the roof. At the time of this writing, I still have no response. I think it is appalling that a paying customer has to go through this headache to get a leak fixed and deal with such poor quality in not only workmanship, but also customer service. Almost 2 months later the leak is still coming through my ceiling and there is no level of importance in ensuring the customer experience is a positive one. Given that the owner has no interest in making this repair a priority, I think a full refund is in order since the work that was done has not remotely stopped the leak. Not only was the job not done per the contract, the failure of the owner to honor the warranty in a timely manner shows that this contract was not legally entered into in good faith. Upon receiving the refund for amount paid, I will consider the contract void and pursue no other action against the owner of the company.

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