Simone Marsh of Michael Roberts Strata

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Simone Marsh of Michael Roberts Strata

Simone Marsh of Michael Roberts Strata Formerly known as Simone Hildebrandt Refuses to repair damage to my mother’s apartment Sydney N.S.W.!!. Simone Marsh (formerly Simone Hildebrandt) is currently a strata manager at Michael Roberts strata. At one stage there were numerous repairs that needed to be done inside my mother’s apartment, that were within the jurisdiction of their strata company. When I called Simone and informed her about this, she spoke to me aggressively with an obnoxious tone and yelled at me loudly. Later I emailed her a copy of the strata laws stating the repairs fell under their jurisdiction, and she ignored me. It wasn’t until I called my brother in-law, who is a solicitor, to send them a registered letter and call them, did they concede it was their responsibility and rectify the problems. My mother, who comes from a non-English speaking background, is routinely mistreated and racially vilified by Simone. She is aware her English isn’t that good and takes advantage of this to bully her. Once my mother went all the way to their strata building via public transport, to ask for an extra set of keys for the security door (our apartment uses a special key that cannot be duplicated without their permission). When they first put in the security door, they were handing out keys. However, 8 years later my mum goes to their office and asks for another one, and Simone Marsh behaves rudely and condescendingly towards her. Asking her why didn’t she request an extra key when they were giving them out! Well, those keys were given out over 8 years ago Simone! Sorry my mother doesn’t have a crystal ball to predict that her ill sister will be unexpectedly coming to live with her for several months! To add insult to injury, she charged my mother 50 dollars for the set of keys. She has consistently bullied mother and made racist remarks about her ethnic background. The complaints I have put in with the strata company has fallen on deaf ears. I am writing this to forewarn everyone to avoid dealing with whatever strata company Simone Marsh is working with. You will be abused, mistreated, and demeaned when making a request that is within your rights. And if you come from a non-English speaking background, don’t expect to be treated with respect.

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