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Simon Parr Auctions

Simon Parr Auctions Sold me fake autographed items and refused to refund my money. Internet!!. I purchased several items that Simon Parr Auctions had for sale under the host internet company Invaluable. When I tried to sell them on Sotheby’s, Heritage , Christies, Lelands, they all declared them as fakes. I even sent a couple of them to JSA and they came back as” not likely to be genuine”. I then requested a refund from Simon Parr and he refused. I filed a complaint with the UK police but they refused to proceed against him. His so-called “expert” that did the COA’s , Andrew Salmon, is a retired cop and that may be why no action was taken. I threatned to get him kicked off eBay and expose him on Scam Report and he said that he knew how they worked and would get me if I did. He got me shut down on eBay by making bogus reports and he also filed a libelous report here on this site as well. He got kicked off of Invaluable but they refused to tell me why. I suspect it was due to too many complaints about his shady dealings. Simon Parr is a liar, a cheat and a con-man and should be in jail! Do not buy anything that he is selling because he will not give you a refund and will go after you with untrue accusations of you make a fuss to others. I am in the process of marshalling the evidence to present to an attorney before going after him.

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