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Siegel Suites

Siegel Suites Requires Residents to Pay Wifi but Fails to Deliver Las Vegas Nevada!!. I’ve lived here over a year and my overall experience has been decent UNTIL Jan 2019 when I moved to a different apartment unit. Upon moving, I was notified that rent has increased – which is no problem. I was also notified that there was a new mandatory wifi charge included in rent. Also – no problem! The complaint I have is that the wifi has never worked for me in the entire year I’ve lived here. Therefore, I feel it is completely unfair to be required to pay for something I can’t even use. It’s not strong enough to even browse the net or connect to my printer, let alone update my phone or use Netflix, etc. And when I bring this to the staff’s attention – they could all care less because they say it is just “company policy”. Before they required only *new* tenants to pay this wifi fee, I was actually paying for it voluntarily, while living in a different apartment on the opposite end of the building I’m currently in. This proves that the wifi has NEVER WORKED regardless of where you’re residing in this building!! But I’m baffled as to how they can get away with charging their low income tenants for something that doesn’t even work! Anotger thing which I think is ridiculously unfair, is that they only require this wifi charge for NEW TENANTS ONLY. When I asked Siegel management if everyone is required to pay this wifi charge, they said “yes” & lied right to my face. Also, the one time (yes, one time in OVER A YEAR) that Cox Tech Support actually came out to inspect this issue, the guy never looked at the box or actually tried to diagnose this problem. I showed him that this wifi does not work on 2 computers, one phone, & one TV, which he acknowledged was true. But his only solution & recommendation was for me to invest in a 2.4/5g dual band adapter for my laptop, to improve Siegel’s horrendously slow & mostly nonexistent wifi service. He even ADMITTED that they have “way too much interferrence for their 2.4gb for it to work properly.” HAHAHAHA! THAT’S FUNNY! So he doesn’t tell Siegel that their wifi cannot handle all of the interference, but instead tells me to DIG MORE into my pockets for this POS WIFI?! WHAT A LAUGH!! Haven’t they robbed me enough??? But Siegel will always blame me for not doing “my part” as a resident, when it’s actually their job as a business to FIX THEIR WIFI!!! I’ve done everything I can as a resident & exhausted all of my attempts!! I’ve called Siegel tech support, Siegel Corporate, and even Cox themselves!!! But every call is an absolute waste of my time. This wifi will never improve until Siegel INVESTS in better equipment or faster service… PERIOD! The bottom line: Siegel wants to dodge the issue so they don’t have to invest a cent into their residents or lift a finger. They’ll proudly charge us over $30/month for wifi which they KNOW doesn’t work. They have the money to renovate their entire office but they don’t have the money to invest in better Wi-Fi service or equipment for their residents. They should be ashamed. And for anyone wondering how credible this experience is, I have over two DOZEN pictures to prove it!!

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