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Shuman Chrysler

Shuman Chrysler NON-Service Department Walled Lake Michigan!!. Bought a brand new 2019 Willy’s Jeep from Shuman Chrysler, my son also purchased an identical 2019 Willeys jeep just a few weeks later, but in the two door model (Thats Two Jeeps) My jeep has less than 20,000 miles on it and its still under warranty, and, its been in the shop for repairs almost as much as its been on the road. Lots and lots of things have gone wrong with my jeep including transmission, rear end, shifter, air bags, safety restraints, engine dash lights remain on, etc. The engine dash light came on again today, just three weeks after Shuman fixed the same problem just three weeks earlier. I called Shumans to schedule another appointment for repair. The service manager Kyle said he’s not going to work on my jeep anymore and from now on I am to take my jeep to a different dealership. I purchased my jeep from Shuman and I live less than 1 mile from this dealership, its a terrible inconvenience and shame that I would have to take my vehicle to a different dealership for repairs. Truthfully, I dont even know where theres another Chrysler dealership… I’ve requested copies of all service repairs Shuman did to my jeep. I also respectfully requested they send me a legal letter stating they will no longer service my vehicle. Yes, I do plan on filing suit if this cannot be resolved. Ironically, I found out this evening that Shuman Chrysler told my son the very same several weeks earlier, that he’s also no longer allowed to bring his jeep to Shuman for service or repair. I feel even worse that I provided this dealership two jeep sales in the same year. I would not recommend this dealership to family and friends… -Michael B. Saari (R) Candidate for state senator 2018.

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