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Showcars Fiberglass & Steel Bodyparts Unlimited | Totally ripped off

Warning!!! Do not purchase or order any auto panels or parts from this company. I and many other customers have been lied to and ripped off. In September 2005 I called Showcars and spoke with the owner Rob Johnson about purchasing a 442 Oldsmobile fiberglass ram air hood for my car. Mr. Johnson lied and told me he has one and in order to ship the hood it has to be prepaid and to have the money, $1, 202.68 including tax transferred to his personal account at the TD Canada Trust Bank. So, like a trusting idiot, I did. . . Big mistake! I patiently waited a few weeks and no hood arrived so I called Mr Johnson and he lied and said that he was having trouble keeping guys to work in fiberglass as they kept quitting. He said it will get done, it will just take time and the one he had in stock was apparently for someone else. I kept calling him about 2 or 3 times a week, and every time I called he had a different excuse for not making the hood. It would take too much time to tell you all the lies and excuses, but you get the picture.Eight months later, after what seemed like hundreds of phone calls, the hood and wing arrived. The wing I had ordered later and paid for by cheque, made out to Rob Johnson, for deposit into his personal account for $287.83 including tax. This is highly illegal because what he is doing is not reporting the sale of the hood, wing and the tax he collected from me, to Revenue Canada. Mr. Johnson is playing a very dangerous game with the tax department.When I received the hood and wing, they were so poorly constructed that they would not even fit on the car, I took photos of the mess and shipped them back. I told Mr. Johnson that I want replacements by the end of June, giving him 2 months to make new ones. Well, June came and went and after many many phone calls, I asked him to forget the whole thing and refund my money, which he said “we don’t give refunds here”.In late September 2006, just over a year later, he sent a replacement hood and wing. The hood doesn’t fit the car. This install was tried by licensed auto body journeymen at a very reputable auto restoration centre. So now I am stuck with this hood that won’t fit my car, nor will it fit any other 1970 Oldsmobile. Now I am hearing of other guys that have gone through what I have. So I checked with the Better Business Bureau in Kitchener Ontario, and found that Showcars has 14 registered complaints and is not responding to the BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues.Showcars is located at:258 Attwell Dr., Unit 4Otobicoke, Ontario M9W 5B2CanadaPhone: 905-857-6345Fax: 905-857-6346www.showcars-bodyparts.comSave yourself a lot of grief and money and stay away from Showcars-Unlimited. I wish I had.Totally ripped off, Ron

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