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My father had rented equipment from Shoppers, an oxygen machine. The assistant manager phones me at my home and demands the equipment back or bill me $100 rental. I told the Assistant manager he was in Arizona and wouldnt be back until March. This was mid-January. If they knew the rental was up, why did they wait until the last minute. I have no idea what was on the rental contract and what arrangements were made about the equipment. My father had told me nothing as he had only just moved in with me. He is of sound mind and he takes care of his own business himself. The assisant manager, Penny, raised her voice and started threatoning to come into my home and take the equpment. I gave her my dad’s phone number in arizona and talk to him directly. she phoned him at 06:50 AM in the morning. arrangements were made to return the equipment- shoppers was to PICK IT UP. No one showed up while i stayed home ALL DAY for them. Firstly, there was no consent on their file to discuss my dad’s business with me. I dont know about you, but i dont want my business discussed with my children. Secondly, why would you call an elderly person at 0650 AM? I had told the assisant manager there was a 3 hour time different, she was very bitchy back to me saying she understood so she knowingly phoned at an inappropriate time – isnt there some reference in consumer law that you are not supposed to phone people before 9 am? or even 8 am? why be mean to an elderly person and phone at 0650 am? How would you like a phone call that early in the morning from someone who is unorganized, and bitchy to begin with? No one showed up after arrangements were made to pick up the equipment – thats just unprofessional. Their staff also called me 5 times in less than an hour to collect their equipment because they didnt have a physician’s order and were going to bill me. I had no dispute other than they should have discussed their contract and services with their actual customer which was my dad. I had no knowledge of whatever the agreement was. rather than follow up with the physician, or as me nicely to do it, no, instead DEMAND TO TAKE HIS OXYGEN EQUPIMENT SINCE HE HAS COPD, and is 84 years old AND DO IT BEHIND HIS BACK! breach of confidentiality – is there a consent signed on file to discuss your services with someone other than your customer? unprofessional conduct – stop yelling at someone, address them by name properly, harassment (phone calls x 5 in less than an hour, and one call at 0650 AM)accountability? show up and pick up the equipment if you made those arrangementswhat kind of business are you running? with so many competing businesses in the community, you should be problem solving rather than belittling, harassing and being unprofessional. we will take our business elsewhere without any problem.My dad’s always paid his bills on time. Never missed one, not even when he was in hospital. Why be so mean to him now? what kind of assistant manager is running this business?

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