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Shoppers Drug Mart | Rude supervisor - Sunny

Shoppers Drug Mart has a wonderful return policy, that allows return of items in a different branch. However, I met the rudest supervisor today at UBC Shoppers by the name of Sunny. I went to the UBC Shoppers branch to return a faulty standing fan I bought at another branch. Upon seeing the fan, Sunny told me that there is no space at her store to place the fan and demanded rudely, that I return the $10 voucher I got for spending more than $50 at shoppers today. She later remarked that her store no longer carry such fans and that I should go back to the store which I bought the fan for a refund in future. To save myself from further embarassment, I quickly handed her the $10 voucher I got, and left the store immediately after I got the refund facilitated. A terrible and most embarrassing encounter with a supervisor!

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