Shoppers Drug Mart

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Shoppers Drug Mart | Employee

Hi, I went early this morning to the Shopper’s Drug Mart (10/08/10 at around 8:00am) seeking the advice of the pharmacist on duty about a burn I had gotten on my hand the night before. When he came around to assist, I noticed he was completely drunk, plastered, gone, he did try to help but I couldn’t take him seriously. It was a sad sight.What made it worse is I sought out a manager at the store and when I finally found one (down at the perfume area) I told her about the situation and she stared at me like I was insane. After a few moments of silence she muttered “…well, that’s not like him”, as if she was defending him before she had even gone up there to check out the situation. In the end, I didn’t get the help I needed, felt I was treated like an insane person, and will never shop at Shopper’s Drug Mart again – also, will be letting everyone on Facebook know about what happened and where it happened. Cheers, David

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