Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) Complete scam and extremely sketchy Internet!!. Was given an offer of a $25 credit to use for free. Claim to be a company where you can order from multiple websites via a “universal cart”. Well, to start, I could only order through one website at a time (so I really don’t get why anyone would use this other than the retailer’s website to start with). Anyway, $25 credit, let’s get some free stuff. Went to REI’s website to buy some things, put it in’s “universal cart” (extremely cumbersome process, by the way). Then the fun started. I waited an hour and a half to go through the checkout process, including the time spent having to redo the entire process because I went to another tab to pass the time doing something else and everything on reset. In the meantime, I went through REI’s checkout process to compare the two (also worth noting that the checkout process through REI took 30 seconds, which is over 99% faster than’s checkout process). Doing this, I found that was overcharging me for the same exact thing and they never offered a refund for the amount they were overcharging me. My order never went through, their customer service rep was extremely unhelpful, and I finally used the $25 credit on a different store. Since I used the app, THEY were the ones who presumably received my confirmation email with all of my tracking info. I was going out of town and needed to make sure what I ordered would be received before I left town, and I finally got in touch with the shop I ordered through to get my tracking information. On top of that, I’ve unsubscribed from their email list at least 5 times now, and I’ve asked for my account to be deleted at least twice and they continue to harass me with marketing emails. Overall, incredibly shady business practices and anyone for some reason considering using this incredibly cumbersome and sketchy process instead of going through an online store’s checkout like any normal person would do would do well to steer very clear of

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