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Shockbyte Fradulent fee to “fast-track” support tickets Warragul Victoria!!. Paid for a decently sized server that guaranteed it would be usable immediately. None of their options worked. I filed a support ticket that promised a response within 24 hours. After 24 hours I clicked to pay a fee to “fast-track” the support ticket to be answered immediately. After 36 hours I filled a separate ticket for a refund of the b.s. “fast-track” fee. Moments later I received a response on the refund request apologizing, then they closed the ticket. Moments later they responded to the first ticket, but only to apologize, not to actual provide support or solve the problem. THEN the went back to the second ticket and said I was not eligible for a refund because their terms say a “fast-track” fee cannot be refunded if the ticket was responded to. Umm, What?! It wasn’t responded to until AFTER I requested the refund, and ONLY because I requested the refund. They STILL haven’t gotten my server working or answered the help tickets days later. They’re complete frauds!

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