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Shippers Choice Charlie Longo Kevin Hope Fraudulent Advertisement; Chester Virginia!!. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a career change; you’ve decided to sacrifice some time and money; yet you will need the school to honor their promise to have you driving/getting paid within 30-60 days of your SUCCESSFUL completion of the course… SHIPPERS CHOICE IS NOT A GOOD OPTION! Several students (more than 300) have honorable complaints about this school!! Completing a 6 week course SUCCESSFULLY, then having to wait an additional 6 weeks to test (FAILing after passing two parts if the 4 part test); having to wait another 6 weeks to test again is SO COUNTERPRODUCTIVE that it is SCAMMISH… The promise is that, if you pass the course, you will be working and able to pay the loan back in plenty of time… THAT IS A LIE. In fact, the owner of the company and the owner of the loan company are guess what…ONE IN THE SAME. The fact that they purposely do not test the students timely, work to their benefit. THEN, when you cannot pay the loan timely because you’re not yet working…you cannot test because you aren’t paying (can not yet afford to pay) the loan. Major TRICK BAG!!!

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