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Shield of Protection

Shield of Protection Shield of Protection SOP SOPSINC.COM Tara Twins Excuse after Excuse – Delayed pool construction months! SCAM Port St. Lucie FL Florida!!. I contracted this company and placed a 50% (est. $3k) deposit with them December 2019 to supply fence and installation when my pool construction was done and ready (estimated to be around May 2018). When this day came my pool company reached out to them to schedule and was provided with the first excuse and delay saying they are 3 weeks behind. We then scheduled for 3 weeks out and awaited that day. 3 weeks later on week we should have fence installed we heard nothing. When reaching out we were not provided with the excuse that weather was the driving factor and they now need until the middle of of next week. Fast forward to that time, reaching out again the excuse this time was now “we have had some challenging months with my husband in the hospital for major back reconstructive surgery”, and they would need another week. This went back and forth for another 5 weeks with other excuses building to “installer injuries, death in the family, sick, more weather, tariffs causing aluminium shortages, high prices, supplier issues” and so on. I then reached out to community to see if anyone else had hired this same company and their experiences all were the same. EVERYONE is getting the run around (confirmed 5 familes all delayed months provided same excuses). I threatened legal action as my only course of action at the time and she agreed to allow me to change contractor and provide me with a refund, which I was fine with doing. Upon hiring a new company I was able to have my fence installed 4 days later. No shortages of aluminum what-so-ever. Refund was provided in the form of a check which says the check cannot be cashed since there are no funds in account currently. I had also received a text message confirming her confession to a felony of knowingly passing a bad check in the amount of $3,019.00. With the only initial intention of getting my money back, I gave her until the “Friday” that she asked me to wait for. As you guessed… nothing happened. Weeks later and threats of bringing this to the police, still no money in the account she has now decided to quit responding. Today I wipe my hands clean of it knowing I’m out the money, but hoping they put her in jail for a night, close her business down and it costs 5x the amount on legal fees and fines instead of of simply refunding my money. I wouldn’t use or contact this company if they called and wanted to install this fence for free.

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