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Shew Management

Shew Management Where does all the Money go? Pickering Pointe, Chester Springs Pennsylvania!!. Living in a small Townhome community has its challenges; not enough parking, people who fail to care for the pets or children properly, ever increasing HOA dues and “CRAZY” elected Board members. All of these deficiencies can be overlook, especially when you don’t care enough to get involved. BUT when your property Management Company (Shew Community Management) deliberately increases their fees and reduces the quality of their services to a negligible, dangerous level and then tells you they are not accountable they have gone too far. Is it too much to expect that for $190 a month that the snow is removed properly and the grass is cut evenly? They don’t do much more. We have no pool, no playgrounds for the children, and no recreation hall for the Senior Citizens. We need to care for our own shrubbery if we want them to look good, otherwise they remain sick looking and disheveled. I’m told the budget is in the RED and is always mismanaged. Bring in a Forensic Accountant and figure this all out before someone gets hurts due to the poor conditions of the grounds and lack of proper snow removal!

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