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Sherwin Han

Sherwin Han Xiao Wen Han Abstract Productions False Representation, Breach of Contract, Fiscal Irresponsibility, Loan Renegger, BS Artist, Deluded Bill Gates Wannabe Portsmouth Rhode Island!!. Sherwin Han, 67, of 30 Kubla Court, Portsmouth, RI has deluded himself and bilked his investors for years. His claims of inventing new math-based cognitive intel software core technology and a few beta applications have not been realized in 20+ years, yet he continues to maintain he has “something” of such value (and worth investing in- do NOT until you have fully read this report). Further, he asked me to keep notes for the forthcoming “Bill Gates” or Steve Jobs” type book he expected to be written about himself. His company, Abstract Productions, is deeply flawed by (self appointed) CEO Sherwin Han’s completely irresponsible handling of finances. He claims he has some kind of cognitive approach to computer processing. I invested with him based on false agreements, poor contract negotiations, and outright lies. The investment contract included a 50/50 Voting Trust Agreement, which he shirked and threatened me to overturn post our contract signing. I wish I could oveturn my part of the contract! I imagine his personal debt liability is massive which he sidesteps very politely whenever asked. Even when he begged for loans and cosignatories on bank financing, most of which he has never repaid, he will sweet talk you until you pay him to go away! Two trips to China later, he still owes me for both $10,000 personal loans and over $400,000 in personal investment. Among some of the financial duties he has shirked are: 1) Believing key man insurance was a plot to kill him, he refused to sign, 2) He threatened me to change the Voting Rights agreement we had signed prior to signing investment contracts so he could take the work I had paid for to China and give it to Beijing Institute. 3) He refused to file at the least the corporate tax returns, then refused to give them to me, which, of course as the “investor” I am allowed to have for my own tax returns. 4) Of course, he paid himself $100,000/year, bought two cars and a pool and had at least one “company credit card”, concerning which I asked, but was told nastily when I suggested he was a start up, “what do you think a CEO is paid?” 5) I paid a lawyer $49,000 to develop a solid co-development contract the funds which Sherwin agreed to repay. Never. 6) Whilst swapping the technology we had developed to the Chinese for a one page scribbled agreement, he has never honored any deal with his US investors. 7) When on several ocassions he has been given superlative business advice, Sherwin Han has disagreed to any change in his approach to gain further investment or to develop nex business. 8) He has on multiple ocassions, jeopardized his own and his investors’ liability by making agreements with several companies, one being the Naval Underwater Warfare Center in Portsmouth, RI where the contractor proved to be a Pakistani fellow on a minority technology provider contract who was busted and I believe went to jail, another being Lernout, of Lernout and Hauspie in Belgium, who lost the support of the Belgium national government and wrnt to jail for defrauding investors, another incident on which much time and my money was spent was on the developmwent of a potential deal with Computer Associates’ Charles Wang and his uncle. Charles Wang disappeared from CA upon learning he had been exposed for insider trading his personal company shares. 9) Most recently, Sherwin Han was given superior advice he has an IP problem, relating to the facts that he has now patented (well, filed) and perhaps-or not- paid for a few more patents based on a core patent, several patents of which he claims are owned by various other unknown investors making the investment and/or sale, should there be anything of value, impossible. He decalred bankruptcy at some point and has rebounded back with a $500,000 house in Newport- an interesting source of off shore funds (China) may be the source here. But believe me, he has paid none of his investors or lenders back a dime. I am thinking strongly of pursuing him in court, beware of liability and his impossible business demeanor, which, by his talk and look and so called “christian” fearing, it is my opinion he can never be trusted with your funding. By giving you, dear reader, just a few incidents that might substantiate Sherwin Han’s ineptitude and lack of fiduciary responsibility, it is my hope you may be deterred to invest in this fellow’s talk show. I can’t really offer a personal opinion as I am not a trained medical professional, but I can say he strikes me as being delusional, is completely unreasonable, nor do I believe he will ever be willing to adapt or to respond positively to good business methods and advice. As I don’t believe he has had a real job in 20 years, I presume he continues to beg or borrow funds from his so-called friends, approaching them as if he were a good christian fellow who would “honor them” til death, yet he refuses to honor even his minor debts or to repay investments. I am warning you, dear reader, do not make the mistake I did. The man will make your funding evaporate and he will deliver nothing of value in return. Even if there is something which may have market value, he will most likely- as he has done for 20+ year- buy himself a few nice things and run the business in a slipshod and irresponsible way. If you would like more evidence, please contact me and I will be happy to give you further names and references. I dread the day I met the man and posted this scam Scams because I believe you will too.

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