Sherri's Ranch Brothel. Paloma

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Sherri's Ranch Brothel. Paloma

Sherri’s Ranch Brothel. Paloma from Sherri’s Ranch legal brothel in Nevada gave me an STI! pahrump nevada!!. Had a great time with Paloma. Wow that super sexy Colombian chick gave me a great hustle. Lol. Fun night Great times. But here’s the kicker. I was tested a year ago after my last relationship. Totally clean. Was celibate for a year due to travel work life and not wanting to date. We all been there. I decided to break my celibacy at Sherri’s Ranch and picked Paloma. As I said great time and all. And what happens….. and yes I was with no one else before my test. An STI! She gave me an STI. And I realize it’s a legal brothel and all but ???? They’re tested every week right. ?! Something slipped through the cracks somewhere. Because my celibacy and Paloma and the testing time don’t make sense! AVOID PALOMA!

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