Sherman dodge Skokie

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Sherman dodge Skokie

Sherman dodge Skokie Jeremey zitto Gave my financial information away to my exwife Skokie Illinois!!. I want to purchase a car at this location and the sales rep Jeremey Zito recognize my last name and asked me if I was knew anyone by the name sandy Dervisevic. I replied yes thatu2019s my ex-wife please donu2019t even tell her you saw me because Iu2019m battling her in court for visitation with my daughter. A few days later my lawyer told me that I need to appear in court because sandy had copies of my check stubs from Sherman dodge and the Jeremey zitto a sales manager from the dealership was at my court to testify about my financial records and how much I make so sandy could try to get more money from me. I can show copies of the Subpoena and proof that he was summoned to go to court to testify against me and innocent customer trying to buy a vehicle. I Complained to Chrysler and they did nothing he still work there he probably didnu2019t even get in any trouble.

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