Sheri Brasche

Phone: 719-213-1329

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Sheri Brasche

Sheri Brasche Sheri Brasche Is A Theif That Steals Products Online Colorado Springs Colorado!!. Sellers should be aware of this con artist theif Sheri Brasche that resides at 1814 Airport Road Colorado Springs CO. From the start of purchasing items from online merchants, she will do anything to steal products. She will refuse all communication with the merchant, until she receives the item. Within 24 hours of receiving the merchandise from the merchant, her fraud begins. She will take physical possession of the item and then contact her credid card company making any sob story possible to Scam a merchant. The moment her own credit card company knows she is nothing but a fraud, she will once again waste no time into filing yet a another dispute saying some bs claim she’s not satififed and leave it at that. She will do everything and everything to avoid direct contact, this theif thinks she can steal products and hide behind her own credit card company and repeat attempts to steal products. She will be facing charges of 2 counts of mail order fraud and will be sent to court. Shoplifter, no different!

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