Shawn Paquette Forbuss Elementary

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Shawn Paquette Forbuss Elementary

Shawn Paquette Forbuss Elementary Shawn Paquette supports bullying by teachers and will harass parents who do not fit into his belief system Las Vegas Nevada!!. Shawn Paquette is noted in the community for “knowing how to play the game”. He wears the smile, says the right things, plays the political games all while attacking parents and teachers that voice any opposition to his ludacris games. He demands that all of his teachers give the students poor and failing grades in the beggining of the year and then slowly raise thier grades over the year, ending on a high note so that he can obtain a high rating and boniuses. This is openly admitted by teachers. This is also very difficult for a child’s self esteem. Shawn Paquette also has strong liberal political views that are shared by some of his teachers. Some of these teachers, like Mrs. Barber. He allowed Mrs. Barber to rant and against President Trump and excessivly rant about how great Hilary Clinton was long after the election was over. She forced the children to vote for who they and thier parents wanted to be president, and bullyied the Trump supporting kids throughout the year. Mr. Paquette harassed all parents that said they should not be covering this as it was not a part of the 5th grade ciriculium. Mrs. Barber was also allowed to demand that all of the children “pretend they are sad” when a child offers up an incorrect answer and punish those children with humiliation. Shawn Paquette doctored our attendance records to come after us for truancy after the school year had ended after I confronted him about some of his unethical behaviors. My child did not have any unexcused absences for the year. However, he made up 7 unexcused absences and sent us a formal letter saying that we were going to be turned in to the police for “educational neglect” and truency. This letter also threatened that my child may not be able to recieve a drivers license in 4 years when she applied for one because of this false truancy. This man is a horrible person. He is 100% corrupt. He should not be a prinicipal of any school, let alone an elementary school. He is bold with his harassment and bullying as if he feels he has the power to do anything to anybody. Clark county school district should be ashamed to have a man like this in charge of one of thier schools, and I hope this gives any other parent comfort that they are not alone.

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