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Shaw City Motors

Shaw City Motors buyer beware “you get what you pay for” Fresno California!!. Shaw City Engines claim to build the best engine on E-bay or anywhere else all blue printed down to the proper specifactions and balanced to within 2grams.. all to quality parts you won’t find a better engine anywhere.. Mine made it about 50miles before it was destroyed by a failed lifter that exploded and sent metal fragments through out the engine. upon tear down of the motor they found nothing to be as advertised. From the heads down corners were cut and the cheapest parts were used the block was never lined bored balanced or blue printed. Had 3 push rod guide plates break push rods didn’t match bearing were filed to fit and no longer lined up.What really amazed me is that it made it 50 miles before it blew up. I paid $3000.00 for my lesson you get what you pay for I didn’t pay much for what was claimed to be done to this engine and I didn’t get much of an engine. it’s gonna cost me $8500 to to rebuild this motor the same as it was before it’s just to bad I had to spend $3000.00 to learn this lesson. Save yourself the headaches and expence and don’t purchase from this builder he does’t stand behind what he sells

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