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Sharla Stafford Coldwell Banker Burnet

Sharla Stafford/ Coldwell Banker Burnet Comp Scam Excelsior Minnesota!!. Seller and Buyer Beware Sharla Stafford is only after 1 thing in real estate transactions and that is money for herself. She represented us as we were the sellers in a recent home sale and was very nasty as well as dishonest. We fell that she sided with the buyers not us. My wife and I were presented with a contract to review and sign by the buyers agent which contained numerous items that they were asking us to pay for. After telling them that we would not pay for these things, an addendum was written negating these items. When it came time for us to sign the contract, I asked for a “clean” copy without all the additions and subtractions to simplify it. I was told that “this is the way we do it here” and they would not respect my wishes. Then I get copied on an email calling me a jerk for making the request. This is degrading and unprofessional. After our inspection report noted that someone stepped on some insulation in the attic, Sharla told me to go out and buy some rolls of Pink Panther insulation and throw it down. She is not an expert in this field nor would this have worked as the existing insulation is blown in. All she cared about is making the sale, not making things right. We also had to compete with her busy social calendar as she always had somewhere else to go like a soccer game. The biggest issue is what Sharla calls a comp. Once a price is agreed on which is what gets published, Sharla and the other agent told us we had to give back $10,000 because the buyers want to build a fence. Whether they want to or not has NOTHING to do with us. It is a way of showing the public that a higher price was paid for a house but it wasn’t the actual price. We relaized this and forced the agent to make sure the calculation of their 6% commission was paid on the NET price not the higher one. An unsuspecting seller would end up paying commission on the $10,000. This is a complete farse. Sale prices should be reported as net and not subject to any undisclosed deals. This is real estate. I am not even sure this is legal.

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