Shae Williams

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Shae Williams

Shae Williams, Shae Williams Music, Keyshae Williams, Heath Williams Theft By Taking and Theft by Deception Nashville, Clarksville, Lake Charles, Atlanta Tennessee, Louisiana, GA Georgia!!. I was contacted by Ms. Shae Williams in reference to designing and custom making a Tuxedo for her sons Prom. She contacted me within 2 weeks before the cutoff date. She procrastinated and haggled over price for 2 weeks. I felt that this was going to be a situation that I could possibly regret but because of her image I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. She had all these bright ideas and wanted to portray a good image for her sons Prom but cried about money the entire time. I negotiated the price well below my price point in attempt to establish a long business relationship with someone I thought was an upcoming artist. Little did I know I was dealing with a manipulative, dishonest crook hiding behind clothes and a cute face. I Customized a Tuxedo for her and even let her borrow a Personal brand new Tuxedo of mine that I had not had the opportunity to wear myself. I paid 80.00 to overnight the loaner to her because her son was attending 2 separate proms. I informed her that this was a 1400.00 Tuxedo and I would need it back asap for a upcoming Fashion show. She ensured me she would return it several times after asking for her to return it several times. To this day several months later she has not returned the Tuxedo and has blocked me from being able to communicate with her. Ms. WILLIAMS went even a step further with her scam and after receiving the Tuxedo that was custom made and having signed for the delivery through Fed Ex she denied ever receiving it and filed a charge back for her money. So not only did she steal my personal Loaner Tuxedo she stole the one I made for her by fraudulently filing a chargeback. She is from Lake Charles,LA but resides in Nashville. She is a singer and public figure but she is also a scammer and thief.

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