Sergeant David Pinner

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Sergeant David Pinner

Sergeant David Pinner Senior Sergeant David Pinner, Victoria Police Paedophile sex offender secret far too long Melbourne VIC!!. I was a Constable working out of Prahran back in 2017 and I came into contact with Sergeant David Pinner and started a romantic relationship. I have kept this secret to protect his career but it’s time the public knows what kind of an animal this man is. Not only did I have to quit the police force to avoid his career advancement into liquor licensing being compromised, but he was unfaithful, sexually assaulted my daughter and destroyed my career. He threatened me that if I ever told anybody, he would shoot me and my 14yo daughter. He has a gun license and I feared for my life. It got worse and I ended up leaving the state to protect my daughter and returned in 2017. One day, during the day, I came home and noticed his car parked outside my house on one of his RDO’s during the school holidays. My 14yo daughter was home alone. I heard muffled noises coming from her room. I ran to her room to check on her and found David on top of him in his underwear (I dared not look on the other side nor did I have a chance) and with my daughter’s clothes completely off and thrown in the middle of the room. I screamed and pulled him off her and slapped his face and continued screaming as my daughter burst into tears. David forced me into my bedroom and closed the door and said to me that if I ever told anyone, both me and my daughters life will be taken. He rushed to my daughter’s room, put on his clothes and sped off and I never saw the animal again. I have been hiding since. I want help but will not disclose my location here. This child predator must pay for what he did. My daughter has never been the same and I constantly live in fear and have not worked in almost 9 years. My daughter is now 23 and she wants to come forward but I will not let her until both of us are promised protection. I have come close to reporting it but do not trust the police as he told me he can ‘control’ how the OPI deals with complaints. He is a disgusting paedophile and deserves to be locked up and I don’t know how many other little girls lives he has destroyed. As I write this I am literally brought to tears and just have to believe in God and my faith that one day this child molester will be caught out.

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