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Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) Send Grid Live chat disconnected from me and banned my ip address after I asked them why they suspended my account. I abided by all their rules and they said I violated one of them. They would not tell me which one. I sent an identicle campaign from 2 months prior. If there really was any violation then it should have been address at that point in time, but it wasnt. They continued charging my card every month though. Nationwide!!. This company continued to charge my credit card even when I did not use their services. I used there services for 3 email campaigns but stopped after I found out the majority of my emails were not landing in the inbox. I decided to send out the identical campaigns again two months down the road after finding out they were still charging my card. Once I hit send on the same campaigns an error code popped up saying my account had been suspended. I went to live chat to find out how to resolve this issue of my account being suspended and they disconnected from the chat. I went to open another live chat window to see if it was me that disconnected but I was unable to get back on live chat. They banned me and my ip address from contacting them. I have escalated this issue to FRAUD with my credit card. I normally do not waiste my time on bad mouthing companies. I am the one that usually says OK and moves on but this company gave no rhyme nor reason for suspending my account, they just kept taking my money. There are many other companies out there that can do a much better job at delivering your emails, I suggest using those other companies, is a scam.

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