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Seller Network

Seller Network Cycle Seller. Keith Beware ! Be Careful! Las Vegas Nevada!!. I had my motorcycle listed for sale. I got a call on 03/29/17, from a Seller Network (also Cycle Seller) saying that for $299.00 they would do everything from advertising, qualifying buyers, arranging financing for buyers, and all I had to do was collect a check. The original call came from Area Code 305, Miami, FL; the followup call was Area Code 702, Las Vegas, NV, although it was same person both days. I asked the Sales Rep, Keith, to send me an email with info on his company. He did and I did some research. I was very disturbed by the many dissatisfied customers. No assistance after fee was paid, no actual leads appeared, and other issues of trust, were the predominant themes. When Keith called me on 03/30/17, I tried to explain that I wasn’t interested. His “friendly” attitude from yesterday disappeared in a hurry. He began browbeating me into using his service. When I declined, he said some very rude things and hung up on me. When I called back he picked up and then hung up again without speaking. This is very peculiar behavior from someone representing a sales company. I will not use a company with these many red flags and rude behavior from its sales force. I’d recommend caution!

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