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SellaGadget Scratched my brand new laptop then damaged it when they sent it back to me!! Casselberry Florida!!. I actually have 2 reviews but I’m going to write on my most recent as it is the one that leaves me the most pissed off. This is the 2nd time I decided to use SellaGadget because I had a decent experience the first time. This last one though………….has left me infuriated. I normally do not like leaving negative reviews and if they respond, I am happy to remove my negative post, but I feel other users need to be made aware of this. I received a laptop as a gift and never used it. I filled out the questionnaire and received an offer of $353. It was the highest offer of any website so I boxed it up in its original packaging and sent it on its way. After SellaGadget, receives the device, they do an inspection and send you an email with a final offer. The offer I received was $265!! Please note again in the pictures, everything was new and still sealed when I sent it in!! They said there were “Minor scuffing to bottom of docking station” Upset at the ridiculous offer, I asked for my device back. They said send them a return label and they’ll mail it out (which they don’t tell you if you refuse their offer, then you’re responsible for paying to get your device back). Regardless, I sent a return label and tracked my device. Well I just got my device back and this is why this review is being written. First, they did not even repackage in the original packaging that I sent it in. They sent it back to me in a sorry excuse for a box with minimal bubble wrap and to no surprise, when I opened the box, my what used to be brand new device is now BROKEN and CRACKED!! I’m glad I took before pictures when I sent this in, because this is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t believe they would think it’s ok to ship any device out like this!! So now I am left with a damaged device that no other company would accept in this condition. I’m just floored and beyond pissed off and felt any users willing to read this should be made aware. I’m interested to see if I’ll get any response from them on how they would plan to make this right. Seriously, WTF?!?!

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