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08 September 2019

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When you feel tired after a hectic day you would want to sit down, relax and make sure that you get a little peace of mind. For that purpose, some people meditate. Some people visit spa clinics. Spas are an excellent place to put all your stress aside and relax. I used to love going to the spa but my experience with this place changed my entire view. Self Indulgence Spa is a spa clinic which is located in Los Angeles, California. It claims to deliver one of the best experiences. They claim to have a clean facility and a  quiet place where you can relax but all their claims have just been debunked as they have been unable to deliver what they commit. These guys are terrible at what they do. They are ignorant and stupid.
A friend of mine visited Self Indulgence Spa and had an anti-aging facial with collagen induction. Well, it was expected to go excellent as claimed by the clinic as well as the consultant but my friend’s luck was bad that way. The facial went totally wrong and anyone who could be blamed is Self Indulgence Spa. The consultant used some skin damaging product during the facial. Maybe one of the creams was expired or the collagen was injected without any care. She suffered through a severe allergy on the face and she is now having regular appointments to a dermatologist to get the allergy cured.
It is not just my friend but I had an appointment with her too. I just needed to take a break from the regular routine so I decided to get the massage with a body scrub. I was totally dissatisfied with their method. It’s not like I had my first massage from them. I have had them for a million times and the masseuse gave me more muscle pain rather than relieving me from stress. And they charge $1 per minute and the time limit for this massage is an hour that makes it $60 which is fine. They do charge low but do not massage you for the whole. The masseuse would have taken a maximum of 40 minutes. When I asked about this to the masseuse and the management, they did not even bother looking into the matter and they were continuously trying to defend themselves. The scrub had to be exfoliating but nothing seemed exfoliated once I took a shower after coming home.
It seems like Self Indulgence Spa must get their staff trained before offering any services to the customers. Their prices are undoubtedly lower than the usual spas or clinics but that does not mean they get the right to give trash and call them ‘quality services’. Self Indulgence Spa should really take a look into these matters. But I don’t think they are going to make any improvements. So take my advice and stay miles away from this group of filthy bastards. It will keep you and your family members safe.

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