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Secret Serums

Secret Serums, Perfect Skin Serum SCAM, DECEPTIVE, MISLEADING, FRADULENT CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS Encino, Lewiston California, Maine!!. I was looking up information about Joanna Gaines, Host & TV Personality of HGTV Fixer Upper and they were talking about her leaving the show and was starting a costmetic line and then there was a link. I for whatever reason trusted this information and when it said they were for a limited time shipping samples for $5.95 for people to try and because I saw nothing else about a trial deadline, etc. I decided why not and I brought it. On May 4th I realized the company had charged me $176.41 for these products. When I contacted the company to tell them that I do not want these because I saw nothing that told informed me I was doing a 15 day trial and because the products do no work at all, I want to cancel this and I want a refund for this product and if they wanted I would return since there is still a lot of unused product left. I was told that they have to refer my refund request to Corporate for a 25% refund and corporate would make a decision and get back to me. When I lost it with the rep, she then said she would request a 50% refund. I told her at that point since she has the flexiibility to change the amount of the request from 25% to 50% that because this was the fault of a whole sale supplier that did not post ther terms and conditions on the link I ordered from I should receive a 100% refund and they need to deal with their supplier. When I did not get anywhere with her, I then deicided to go directly to the web site and that’s when I discovered that what I got was not even named the same name and it was different packaging called Perfect Skin Serums, not Secret Serums. So I called the number listed on the web site and realized the number was the same number that was attached to the charged that appeared on my statement. When I questioned all this, I was told that it was a different product and she gave me some stupid example of the difference between Coke and Diet Coke. Then she said it was a whole seller they had that was doing false advertising and not posting the terms and conditions and that they would be using this supplier any longer. So I figured I reached the right person and would get my full refund. NOT! They said the exact same thing I was told from the start, it would only be 50%, BUT that they would be in for an immediate refund. After speaking with my bank this has not yet happened. I have now filed a complaint with the BBB and I am disputing these charges with my credit card company. I actually had on rep hang up on me because in my frustration of dealing with all this and when I asked them if I could have the phone number or address of their Corporate Office since they are the ones who will make the decision and I was told they are not ALLOWED TO GIVE OUT CORP COMPANY’S INFORMATION, I got really mad and I used a curse word (not directed towards her) but in general and she quickly stated her first name, rambled off her id# and HUNG UP THE PHONE ON ME! After two days of a complete run around I decided to do some internet searches on this company and even decided to visit the BLOG of JoAnna Gaines of HGTV and I learned that this is in fact a scam and she has stated that she has no intentions of statring a cosmetic company like is being rumored. I see even on the web site of Secret Serums there are almost nothing but BAD COMMENTS of some very unhappy people who have also been scammed and are all givng the exact same experiences. I have copied and saved my entire CHAT CONVERSATION that I had with one of the Customer Service Manager’s that admitted the problems they were having with a specific whole seller which shows that customers are purchasing a product that is a 15 day trial offer only and the $5.95 are shipping charges and none of this was presented to the customers so we could make a informed purchase. I knew the product was not going to cost $5.95 if I decided topurchase more, but I had no idea it was a 15 day trial offer. Besides, 15 days does not give any beauty product enough time to determine if it actually works, so if I knew this I would have never ordered this in the first place. Anytime I order and I know it’s a trial offer, I ALWAYS put a reminder in my calendar to ALERT me when I am approaching a deadline so I can either continue or cancel! If you purchased this product and are having the same experience, PLEASE REPORT THIS COMPANY! Call BBB, your bank, your credit card company, post your experience, copy any chat conversations, record all phone conversations and DISPUTE ALL CHARGES! This entire operation is a SCAM! FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS AND LET’S GET OUR MONEY BACK AND PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS! They show two locations listed…on FB it’s in Encino, California and on the web site it shows Lewiston, Maine but the phone nymber is the same for both.

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