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12 October 2019

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I had my upper and lower stomach area done, upper in one session and lower in another session. The upper session was more awkward than the lower, every session left the region delicate for in any event two or three weeks, similar to it was wounded however no wounding appearing, yet i felt this would be justified, despite all the trouble when there were perceptible outcomes. More than two months after, i had a wedding i was in and sought after at any rate a little change, not a chance. Following 4 months and nearly $4000, not one individual has said I seem as though I have shed pounds, my garments are similarly as tight as the day i asked about the strategy. When I returned after the wedding for my development and I said how frustrated I was, she brought up this little contrast on my “after” photograph (my “after” photograph could never be utilized in one of their flyers). I called attention to that nobody is going to see that since when I put on my garments I appear to be identical. She should hit me up the next week about re-trying the upper part, haven’t got notification from her yet, notwithstanding when I left a message for her following a month from when she said she would hit me up.

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