Sears Kenmore Vacuum

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Sears Kenmore Vacuum | Kenmore Central Vacuum

I purchased a top of the line Kenmore Central Vacuum System approx. 5 years ago…It was a problem from the start..the estimated cost for install in the store was $100 when it came time for the install it was over $500…all of the piping was already in…we just wanted to move the unit from one side of the basement to the other…meaning one pipe had to be rerouted…on the unfinished side of the basement…I had an indepentant guy do it for $100…The wheels on the power head are always broken..I just ordered my 5th set…I also had a problem where the hose plugs into the power head…the socket burnt out…it should have been a simple fix…but they do not make a $10 replacement part…I had to purchase the entire hose for over $200…I will never buy a Sears product again!!!

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