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I ordered a almost $200.00 sofa slip cover on August 15th…the person I spoke with said ” are you picking it up Mam or do you want delivery? ” I asked how long would delivery take and how much? He said, ” It would cost $10.00, and will arrive ion August 18th. ” I said ok… I’m getting married and I have a million appts. so can you tell them to call me when it’s being delivered? He said”I will put ” Notify customer by calling (my #), upon arrival. I said thanx alot… I was greatfull to have good service…as I was getting Married on August 22, and it also was my birthday! I was having a small wedding @ my small house, and I didn’t want to have an ugly couch in my living room. My couch just didn’t match any bridal coloring as it is bright orange…It matched my funky old apt…lol So on August 18th I patiently and excitedly awaited. Nothing… I called they said…should be there tomorrow . Ok I said..then tomorrow came…nothing. I called, they said they would put a note attached to my name, explaining the importance of receiving this before the weekend of the 22nd! I said ok…mmm, then finally Friday came… I called quite upset…bride to be, bday, no sofa slip cover…SEARS put me thru to the delivery area, and the woman on the other end HUNG UP ON ME ON PURPOSE!! I never got my cover, today is AUGUST 27th. STILL WAITING>>>> I got the run around sooooo bad by SEARS! First they said it would be delivered on the 18th! then when it wasn’t, they said they had up to 5 days after it gets sent to the delivery “GUY”, which apparently is UPS, but who I still haven’t received it. Now they are saying another 6 days!!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! DON”T DO DELIVERY VERY UPSET CUSTOMER!! MY wedding went ok EXCEPT FOR THE ORANGE COUCH IN MY PICTURES TO ALWAYS REMIND ME HOW MUCH I HATE SEARS!! I STILL HAVEN’T RECEIVED IT YET!!!

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