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Seamon, Garson,LLC.

Seamon, Garson,LLC. Seamon & Associates, Seamon & Johnson, LLC. SEAMON ATTORNEY FILES FRIVOLOUS PERSONAL INJURY CASE TO CLAIM 1/3 SETTLEMENT ON PERSONAL INJURY CASE. Cleveland Ohio!!. I was the victim of a rear end collision in Ohio. I called Mr. Garson and he returned my call, he stated he was interested. This was in August, 2008. I received a call from a Jeff Solkonowski and signed the required contract for representation by that firm. Jeff was a pro and Krissy, his paralegal returned calls promptly. There was a period of time that I had no contact. Calling the firm, I was informed that a Michael Saltzer, was assigned the case, as Jeff took an F.B.I. position. Saltzer rarely returned calls, as his paralegal, Brigette Jones. In July, 2011, I received a call from Saltzer. Hse stated the 3 year statute of limitatons would expire in approximately 6 weeks. I informed him that I desired a trial. He was negotiating with the State Farm, the defendants insurance company and filled a suit, without my consent in Lake County, Ohio. Case 10-CV002357. He filed the case, not listing an ammount and with a improper nortary seal, with an incorrect date. In the 30 day pre-trial period, he did noy answer the defendant’s attorney’s requests, nor Country Companies, my insurance carrier, as I had $500,000.00 underinsured motorist coverage. I had to have 4 cervical plates, placed C3-6 by a neurosurgeon. During the filing of the above mentioned case, Saltzer was still in contact with State Farm claims representative Ashli Hayes. He dropped the case on the 29th day of 2011, for $40,000.00, the minimum liability insurance coverage in Ohio and most states. I tried to research the case by the information on the settlement, it was the wrong county, invalid. I called Seamon’s office many times to get some copies of medical information. I only became aware of this information in 2015, as Brian Zaber, an attorney at that firm, sent me a cd. I was informed my files was at an outside location. A criminal malpractice attorney in Ohio, questioned all the work Zaber did and Zaber should have returned my file, less attorney’s notes, as protocol. To make matters worse, Saltzer was aware of my mental illness and the Ohio Bar suggests in these cases, that a representative assist me in these matters, hired by Saltzer. I have hundreds of pages of mental health records, Saltzer received via facsmile. The A.D.A., also states when an individual’s disability is apparent, that “reasonable accomodation” be provided. The U.S.Department of Justice has had this file over a year, no contact from them. Seamon in all legality and ethics owes me the difference from the normal 1/3 to their attorney’s 1/2 of the settlement, plus interest. Over $10,000.00. Saltzer was still negotiating with the defendant’s Alisha Hayes of State Farm, during the priod after the suit was filed. Since she could offer only the insured maximum liabilty coverage of $40,000.00. the lawsuit he filed with no amount listed, much have planned for more. The defendant was cited and the lawsuit was frivilous. Obviously, he had no intention of following through on the suit. the docket proves that. Nor did he make provisions for my continued care, as I needed a caregiver. Now, I cannot sue the defendant, because the case was dismissed “With Prejudice.” I have documention on this directly from the firm. I requested my file, to no avail.

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