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Sealy mattress

Sealy mattress Sleep Train which is now Mattress Firm. Sealy mattress and Sleep Train that was Mattress Firm they are all fakes they give you fake mattresses and make you be in pain L.A. California!!. I had recently purchased a mattress that cost me $800 or more. It started sinking in recently in the past couple months. I got this mattress from Sleep Train which is now Mattress Firm they would not take my call because of personal reasons because the employees have personal reasons why they don’t want to talk to me even though it’s California state law that I have a right as a consumer to talk to their manager which they wouldn’t allow me to so I think he should be in trouble for that also when we bought this mattress apparently the sales person who was helping us out was all coked out of her mind and apparently that’s who Mattress Firm hires Coke fiends that give consumers bad deals that caused them in physical and emotional pain. Something needs to be done and I’m not going to deal with this anymore this is malpractice because it is harming people.

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