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Seabrooke Group Mark Hicks Mark Burke Seabrooke Development Corporation unethical, predatory and coercive business practices San Jose California!!. False foreclosure on my house. They sent me a letter saying they could stop it. I completely described the situation. Marke Burke came to my house late at night, claimed to have a”standard real estate contract.” Also wanted power of attorney to contact the trustee. Thing is, he already knew I was not going to refinance a fake loan. But insisted that is their “strategy. Listing price on house was 50-70 K lower than it should be. Contract says that BROKER can change the price. Basically says if they bring you a lowball investor price and your refuse it, you STILL have to pay them. I was NOT give a copy of the contract. Mark Hicks claims they do not have to do that, only after three days. LIAR. Contract is absolutely predatory. I signed after hours of “conversation and it was late. Marke Burke failed to leave me a copy of the contract. Bt finally gave me one via email. I canceled immediately. He refused to cancel . Finally, kept saying he was going to sell my house instead. Mark Hicks (the owner of this house of scam) then calls me up bullying me, telling me I am trying to defraud THEM and just want to sell it through someone else. He also admits they have only one time paid out the $2000 if they cant stop the foreclosure. Basically, they have one of their “investos” write a lowball offer. You don’t accept it, they still get paid. But all they do is use a bunch of unethical delays to stall the foreclosure and stress you out until they bring in a lowball offer and force you to pay them. They have no real power to stop a foreclosure. Mark Hicks (yes there are two Marks involved) tells me that he will cancel their scamer contract only if I pay them if i try to sell it within 90 days. it is my opinions that Mark Hicks is absolutely the most unethical, predatory, Real Estate agent I have ever encountered. They do NOT act in an honest manner and do NOT honor their feduciary duty to the seller!

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