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Scott B Ward

Scott B Ward Scott Ward, Gary Scott Ward Homophobic harassing nosey bigot Yorba Linda California!!. I HAVE BEEN HARASSED BY Disney employee and neighbor SCOTT B WARD OF YORBA LINDA FOR OVER A DECADE! Scott Ward, narrow minded hateful nosey “Christian” who works for The Walt Disney Company has relentlessly harassed us off and on since 2002 when I purchased my home at the age of 24. 21 years younger than Scott B. Ward. Scott B Ward of Yorba Linda and wife Carol Ward have both not learned how to mind their own business they have taken photos of my cars, my personal property inside my garage, photos on the side of my house and in my backyard by standing on a step stool and Scott B Ward has trespassed on another neighbors property in order to take additional photographs on the opposite side of my house. For the longest time I could not figure out what his problem was until he made the comment from the comfort and safety of his backyard about my “boyfriend” coming home. When infact he was referring to my brother. But it was clear this “man” is a homophobic bigot and has disdain for gay people. A direct violation of Disney’s no tolerance policies. Over the last 14.5 years Scott B Ward has called in frivolous complaints to the police department about my vehicles, including new vehicles with no license plates (but registration in the window), claiming they are being abandoned causing them to be ‘tagged’ sometimes on a daily basis for several years in total until my attorney sent the Brea Police Department a cease and desist notice and I threatened to sue the city of Yorba Linda and the Brea Police Department. Scott Ward has made false claims to the city of Yorba Linda for code violation 5.08.040 that I am running a business out of my home, complained about my trash cans being stored on the side of my home which cannot be seen directly from the street, claimed I am in violation of 18.040.030 claiming I am keeping construction equipment at my home,. Scott Ward and Gary Scott Ward aimed their motion lights into my front window and placed a flag directly in front of the lights so they would stay on all night. Scott B Ward and his son Gary Scott Ward spent 25 minutes at around 7 pm (in the dark) using flash lights and the motion light adjusting and aiming their landscaping sprinklers so when they would come on it would go directly on my parked car in the street. Once they are aimed they turn them on, you can clearly see the reflection of water all over the driveway, sidewalk and their target- my vehicle. I have the videos and photographs for all incidences I reference which are much clearer than the photo stills. Carol Ward has been also been caught on multiple occasions on video taking photographs of my vehicles. In one instance of harassment I received a “citizen complaint” on my front door from Animal Control claiming my dogs are barking all day. My dogs are not barkers unless someone is at the door and never in years had a single neighbor complaint, just another rouse to harass. In one instance I had cement and brick runners being installed in my BACK YARD, Scott Ward came home from work in the evening pulled a small ladder out of his garage took it in his backyard and began taking photographs in MY backyard over the fence. Another time I was having a patio cover and walk deck built in my back yard. Scott B Ward once again grabbed a small ladder and was reaching over MY fence with a tape measure I went outside and lost my temper, which he began recording. My brother asked him “Why don’t you mind your own business!!?” to which Scott B Ward replied “why should I?”. Then Scott Ward has the audacity to call the Brea Police Department once again and claim that I am disturbing HIS peace!! true story, all documented and can be substantiated by witnesses, video recordings, video, video stills and police reports. Scott B Ward called the city of Yorba Linda building department on several occasions inquiring to see if we have a permit. Fast forward to 2013, 2018 and 2018 Scott B Ward has his patio covers torn down and rebuilt in a different manner and larger/ heavier which would require a permit. No permit was obtained or posted on the property as required. In 2018 Scott B Ward hires another unlicensed uninsured contractor with no workmans compensation or CA state contractors license to build a cinder block wall in between our properties, once again NO PERMIT! The city inspector came knocking on my door and asked for access through my backyard which I granted and confirmed Scott Ward, hypocrite extraordinaire did not seek a permit for his larger, heavier and redesigned patio cover or the new cinder block wall which was being trenched. One morning I was leaving for work and on this particular day my brother rode with me. Scott Ward was following very closely and where La Palma and Camino De Bryant intersect he went around me in the opposite side of the road and attempted to cut me off narrowly missing the front fender of my truck. Another instance at 10:50 pm all the lights are off at my house as I was sleeping. Scott Ward pulls his garden hose from his garage out to the street and soaks down my Cadillac Escalade, which I JUST had detailed that very day. Scott Ward and Gary Ward aim their spotlight/ motion lights into my front window then place a flag in front of the motion detector the keep it turned on throughout the night. My cars have been continually tagged with “citizen complaint” written on them and I have quite the stack over the years until my attorney intervened with the police department. I was leaving in the evening and just as I was pulling out Scott B Ward and Gary Ward pull their cars in the street blocking it. I received a letter from the California Employment Development Department (EDD) claiming they received an “anonymous tip” regarding employment taxes. Years later it was confirmed through two of my attorneys and an EDD employee the “tip” came from my neighbor Scott B Ward. Now tell me, I’ve never spoken to this lowlife garbage for 5 minutes how would he or could he have any pertinent information on how my businesses run?? Just another futile attempt to harass. It cost me over the next two years out of pocket over $12,655.00 in attorneys fees to fight the false claim called in by Scott B Ward. I wonder if he has all this free time working for the Walt Disney Company to be calling in these harassing claims to government agencies. Because these agencies are not open “after hours”. Scott B Ward and his son Gary Ward invite over about a dozen or more football players. Keep in mind the entire few years I have lived here at this point Gary Ward didn’t appear to have two friends to rub together. Suddenly out of no where car after car begins to pull up including Scott Ward and Carol Ward. They almost immediately came over in front of my property and began to corner my brother and a guest I had over at that time, fearing for their safety I grabbed my gun and went outside. Scott Ward calls the police at this point saying I have a gun. When the police arrive Scott Ward tells the Brea Police Department the football players were “just playing football outside and he began waiving a gun” which was found with my video and audio to be completely untrue and no charges were filed. This was a perilous situation Scott B Ward put these kids in as they could have very easily been wounded or killed because of yet another failed harassment attempt orchestrated by Scott Ward and Carol Ward, both outside witnessing this calamity they started unfold. Again, at this point I resided here for 4 years and not once seen a single one of these troublemakers at their house. In the video you can clearly identify Scott B Ward and Carol Ward watching from the front yard the entire incident which they orchestrated transpire with Gary S Ward and his acquaintances from the football team in their futile effort to intimidate and cause harm to us. You can also see the cars coming one at a time starting with Gary Ward then Scott Ward, Carol Ward and Melissa Ward all come home about the same time to witness what they think is going to transpire…… Dont be gay and live next to Scott Ward or you too will be harassed Another recorded incident I was driving westbound on Picasso Dr. coming home when Scott B Ward is outside washing his car, as soon as I pass by he sprays my vehicle with his hose. My brother is then walking in the house and told him what a loser he is at which time Scott B Ward then assaults my brother by squirting him in the face with his high pressure hose nozzle then my brother ran after him as Scott B Ward ran and hid in his garage.

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