Scott Andrew Wilson dba Wilson Aviation LLC

Phone: 7049569201

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Scott Andrew Wilson dba Wilson Aviation LLC

Scott Andrew Wilson dba Wilson Aviation LLC Wilson Aviation LLC Andrew Wilson Scott Andrew Wilson Scott Andrew Wilson stole my airplane and sold it to a salvage yard and sold the parts on Facebook. He has stolen parts and tools from previous employers. He goes by the name of Andrew Wilson but his real name is Scott Andrew Wilson if you Google his name you will see all of his mugshots in past criminal records. Tulsa, Houston, Plano, Dallas, Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, Texas,!!. Scott Andrew Wilson AKA Andrew Wilson doing business as Wilson Aviation LLC took my airplane without my consent and sold it to a scrap yard pull all the expensive Parts off of it and sold it on Facebook. I just contacted and his previous employer and they said that he stole 15 to $20,000 in tools. He also worked for a company in Texas and stole tools and parts from them as well. There is an ongoing investigation right now with the city of Sand Springs Police Department in Oklahoma. He has Stone Parts in a hanger located at Pogue Airport. His previous employer said that he charged a bunch of parts to his account. If you run into Andrew Wilson AKA Scott Andrew Wilson AKA Wilson Aviation LLC and do yourself a big favor in Google him and his mugshots and read the reports the guy shot someone in Ohio. He has drug convictions and numerous theft charges. His last known location was Tulsa Oklahoma but he could be headed to South Carolina or Florida. He is actively seeking his private pilot license. Scott Andrew Wilson is a fraud in a felon and a con artist! Before doing business or hiring this guy do your homework!!!!

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