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Scott alan newsham

Scott alan newsham Relocated to with hold information regarding a child abuse investigation. Canton, west branch Georgia Michigan!!. I watched and cared for his two young boys for 5+ years and noticed them behaving oddly one day. I did some research and started looking into these behaviors..long story short I reported it to Dfcs/cps. They came out to investigate. The very next day he fled georgia selling everything he owned. He is now living in Michigan alone with those boys and no doubt abusing them. I have hours and stacks of various types of proof. Literally. For example, I have is contact list that contains many known sex offenders phone numbers, I have drawings from the children that are quite clear, plus much much more. I have reported this in michigan where he lives now. Hopefully they will catch up to him soon. I will never give up on those boys despite the lengthy investigation process and low conviction rate, never!!.but people in the meantime have a right to know and need to be aware and cautious to say the least. Please if nothing else just don’t trust him around your children. He is calculated and very dangerous. Let us all pray for these precious boys to be comforted and that all involved get help they so desperately need.

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