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Science of Skill Academy

Science of Skill Academy SOS Academy, SOS Self Defense Tools Paid for shipping for a “free” knife and was charged 14 days later for a self defense membership that was not authroized North Canton Ohio!!. I received an email advertising a free knife for only paying the cost of the shipping. The email link was to this webpage: Just like all the other complaints about this scam company, I purchased a knife for the cost of $9.95 shipping only. 14 days later I get a charge for $57.00. I called and a rep told me I agreed to be billed after a 14 day free trial for somew membership. I absolutely did NOT and it did not appear in an obvious place anywhere on their website, as any honest and legitimate business should do. I work in IT, create websites, and I am very technologically adept and a disclaimer about agreeing to a recurring charge for any membership whatsoever was not clearly disclosed. I have yet to even know what the membership’s details are. That’s just how miuch of a deceitful scam this company is and it needs to be STOPPED. The rep agreed to cancel my so-called “membership” and for the charge to not be billed. I would be more than satisifed to return the knife as I had offered to do but the rep told me not to. Update: The business is claiming that in my phone call on 2/22/2019, I did not ask for a refund of the unauthorized charge. Really? Why the F would I have been calling in the first place? This company is a joke and a scam and has yet to prove where on their site there is a disclaimer authorizing them to automatically debit your account after a “free 14 day trial”. Beware of this scam of a company. Even though they are agreeing to refund the $57.00 charge there are going to be people that won’t catch the charge in time for it to be disputed, as you can see is the case on the Better Business Bureau website about this company. What a disgraceful company.

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