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14 September 2019

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Most of the people reading my review about Schrier Family Chiropractic would be either athletes or gym freaks. Well, I was not lucky enough like all of you as I did not read any reviews about them. I did not even bother to ask my friends or family about this. I am a gym freak too like many of you and unfortunately, I lifted some heavyweights during an exercise for abs. The weights caused some serious lower back pain and I badly needed some real therapy for that. I chose Scrier Family Chiropractic for the purpose and I could not have made any ‘better’ decision than this. They suck at these services and trust me if you really want to waste time and money please go to Schrier Family Chiropractic. They are located in Delray Beach, Florida. I made a huge mistake of going to Schrier Family Chiropractic for physiotherapy.
I literally spend hours at the gym working out and helping my friends too. To make sure I do not miss the gym for a long time, I decided to go to Schrier Family Chiropractic for physiotherapy. The environment seemed very calm and comforting so it gave me confidence that they will do the job at their best. But who knew those bastards were going to make my problem even worse than one could think of. They have the most unskilled and untrained consultants you could think of. He gave me the worst massage ever. All my back muscles hurt even more and every exercise that he asked me to do never eased my pain even for a second. He prescribed me some rigorous exercises which I knew are not recommendable to a patient with lower back pain. None of the therapists recommend those exercises.
Please go through a proper research process before choosing anyone. Never choose clinics that have negative reviews. One in a ten might be acceptable but places like Schrier Family Chiropractic have a million negative reviews that can help you. It is not just me but a lot of reviews about such foolishness have been on the internet. DO NOT CHOOSE THEM. They will make money from you. They do not give a dam about the patient’s health or recovery.
One of the most saddening reviews was posted by a woman. The lady stated that she was pregnant and got pain in her legs; she consulted Schrier Family Chiropractic for some therapy but was furious after she got to know that she wouldn’t be given the massage she had asked for and paid for. The receptionist tried to pressurize the lady to get the massage she was being recommended and after the second denial, she got furious. The lady had to get the massage at all costs as she had paid already and the spa was not refunding her money. Many people have had enough of this place. Don’t make that mistake. I would never go to the place ever again and would advise everyone to do the same too.

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