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Scamsellers Scamsellers itself is a SCAM, No contact phone,No contact email,No contact fax. They have No facts. no listed Internet!!. its self is a scam. why? Many reasons here’s the first. 1. No contact phone. 2. No email 3. No Fax. They are undercover cowards whom, if you as any kind of seller, they simply cannot or will NOT let or provide you a way to defend yourself, your company or your integrity. That FACT alone is a unAmerican SCAM! As we know the world is not itself perfect. All humans try to be perfect. But, when your name or company is smeared FALSLY without any chance to respond to the Scam or Scamsellers then they themselves are judging others and they themselves are the final Judge,Jury of falsehoods in your life. And in NO way can you right the SCAM of Scamsellers wrong. Please tell me in your own lifetime. Have you ever been upset and feel done wrong by any business or person from large corporations or to a individual? Of course you have unless you live in a very protect world. So if this is a common fact why does not scamsellers list every wrong doer or as they call “scamsellers” and give you their plateform to shout it all out to all? This would be fair to all human race. Not just targeting a select few, with no defense. So why should a select few of Amazon sellers be the only ones called out “FALSELY” in my case, so the world can read “FALSE” information about my company? Why NOT the plateform for every single human done wrong by another? Say business,persons,government or anyone? why so harshly targeted. And Lies? why? because its so easy to do what they have and are doing. FALSELY destroying persons or company’s with lies. And not being fair to have all listed of the human race whom have done another wrong. Or ok I see now “scamsellers” would have to have billions of data and web pages to cover that topic. But, I get there dirty work and where it is targeted at. By not having all this done is another SCAM and why Scamsellers is itself a SCAM. As we all know for years Amazon feedback at has had many issues with it’s feedback. Being either False written or a flat out lie. Its called “Fake reviews”. This is both public and media knowledge. If you do not believe me, them go google “amazon fake reviews”. These fake reviews come from many different point and angles. The two major fake reviews are the companies themselves, either doing it themselves or hiring someone to do the dirty work for them. So here’s another reason why scamsellers is a scam. How come they do not list all companies whom allow or participate in fake reviews are not called out as SCAM FAKE REVIEWS? Why? because the little person in business is so much more easy to go after and spread false lies to and about and try to destroy, than a big seller whom they may get a lawsuit from. So scamsellers is bias too! And YES it is also very true many persons themselves give FAKE or false reviews about another company. This really does happen. Just look recently at They was getting so many fake reviews by the buyers, they had to renlist a rebuttle from the seller. Sad huh? Otherwise ebay sellers could never sell anything to anyone again. So this is a known fact. See if you are a buyer and yur just having a bad day in life, with Amazon you could write “I got my product its all good”! but decide to falsely hit the “Negative” button just for spite. So I think all humans can agree, how easy it is to lie when your hiding behind a computer just hitting buttons based on how your day goes or how life is going or just to be spiteful. But, they are lies regardless! And my last point. Yes believe it or not a person whom is in competion or also has another similar product line can also Hide behind a computer by the product and yes get all and everything he or she wanted but still hit the good ole “Amazon negative” button, and do this repeatedly until the can get them suspended from “Amazon” by their false lies. Then they try and take over their products in the marketplace based on pure lies! Believe me this really has and does happen. So are you hiding behind a computer now plotting your next revenge. Or are you a good truthful human? So now we all know Scamsellers itself is a SCAM. Never rely on any information or lies given to you by them. Instead just pick up to phone or email and call the present or past Amazon seller and ask them for the truth on any False negative review. You will then uncover the Real truth. And they or the company will 9 times out of 10 times will have one of the 3 – either a phone ,a fax, or a email so you can get truth! Unlike the SCAM from SCAMSELLERS of false bias lies! You have yourself a bless joyful day!

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