Savannah Marketa Thomas

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Savannah Marketa Thomas

Savannah Marketa Thomas Savannah Thomas VannahLuvzMusic VannahLuvsMuzik Savannah Marketa Matthews Savannah Marketa Thomas Elk Grove California!!. Savannah Thomas Aka Vannah Luvz Music is a scam artist who uses men. Savannah will use you and make you think she is a victim, when she’s an aggresive woman who sets men up for fall. Savannah Thomas will make you think she’s being battered when in reality she loves abusing men. She took $4000 dollars from my business partner, she asked him to borrowed it and never payed it back. This woman is an evil conniving woman, and if you’re listening to anything this woman has to say you’re a fool. She uses the welfare system to get a free check and uses her children disability check to live a lavish lifestyle including buying starbucks and clothes. My business partner met Savannah Thomas back in 2017, he wouldn’t link up with her till 2018. During that time she borrowed over $5,000 from him and told him she’d pay him off. Well you know the story, she never paid him. Savannah Marketa Thomas is bipolar and schizophrenia, meaning this woman is a total nut. She will lie to you and tell you she been through things with men, when in reality she will put you through hell and destroy your life. This woman will use your credit cards and debit cards, then tell you she will pay you back. This woman is pure evil, she will swear to God up and down that she will do right by you. Her cousin had warned my business partner about her, but he didn’t listen and this is how we’re in the predicament that we’re in now. If you see this woman please run the other way cause this woman is a cold liar and will look for ways to take any dollar out your pocket. She is a person that is very unstable and she looks for ways to make others around her unstable. If you think this woman is a really a battered woman you’re a fool, she has used everyone around her. She’s never worked for Mid Atlantic Constructiona and Technology or Pacific Construction and Technology. She has stolen money from both these organizations however, and when we asked her to returned the money she dismissed it by saying we was harrassing her. This woman is purely evil and has abused my business partner emotionally and physically, and at this point we just don’t want nobody else falling victim to this woman and her schemes. Her Children’s name are Kiersten, Kiro, Kiren, and Kevric and these children are easily manipulated by their mother to lie. Savannah is not a good person at all, and please don’t believe a word that come out her mouth. She has done every evil act in the book, ask her husband how many different men did Savannah Thomas cheat on him with. The number is ridiculous and if you enable this woman’s behavior you are no better than she is. Her mother is an enabler and allows this woman to be a schemer, please if you see Savannah Thomas please run the other way.

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