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Sarson Funds Review

Sarson Funds

Look, I’m all for access to information. With no hiding, no secrets, no tricks. Especially when it comes to financial organizations: banks, funds etc. Especially if these organizations accept, control, and reallocate investments. It should be noted, however, despite the seeming reliability, you have to remember that the emphasis is always on “seeming”. Just like with Sarson Funds. It looks reliable. But is it really like this? I don’t think so. I honestly believe, that serious companies take a serious approach to the issue of website design and spend a lot of money to make it decent. Their website designers don’t make stupid mistakes and check everything many times before launching. All the information is accessible and can be easily found and clearly seen. I must confess that I didn’t see their address at first, even though it was at the top of the main page, but it’s written in fine print and can be easily missed. Plus, the team information may seem to be good, but if you spend on this page a couple of minutes, you will start noticing weird things like no descriptions, no bios, just names and a couple of words about everyone including the leaders. And if you move the mouse over their pictures you will see inscriptions like guy2.jpg, guy3.jpg and soon. Each picture. That’s so unprofessional. Their web-designer probably didn’t give a crap about them. For some reason, I think. Or he/she didn’t check. They didn’t either. And now they have what they have. By the way, their website is made with help of the service, it offers free templates and you can construct your website the way you want, and then to have a separate domain you just pay each month for it. How did I know it? I didn’t even check it on special websites. It’s enough to just try to move the mouse over their social networks links and you will see that they didn’t even add any links. So it may be that they didn’t even hire any web designers and made this lame website by themselves. Oh this is so ridiculous! The only thing I can suggest you is to just stay far away. That’s all.

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