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Scammed me with a negligent treatment

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18 September 2019

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Writing these lines is not easy for me. I have never liked to write anything about any organization as I believed it is not my cup of tea. I never wanted to give my reviews of whether it’s positive or negative. But, I want to write this to show you the reality of Renaissance Dental Studio. I want to share my experience to save you all. My experience with Renaissance Dental Studio was ruthless. I am extremely sorry for saying this but their staff does not know how to deal with the patients. The doctors have an attitude problem and do not bother what the patient is trying to tell them.
First of all, whether you take an appointment in advance or not, you need to wait for at least half an hour. I don’t know the logic behind this. After that, you have to go for a scan whether it is needed or not. It seems that the whole staff is in a hurry. I went to the Renaissance Dental Studio for the treatment of my broken tooth that was causing discomfort for me. After the scan, the doctor suggested me to have a permanent crown. They told me that they have advanced technology and in a single setting of 2 to 3 hours I can get the tooth fixed with the permanent crown. I was happy after listening to this that I do not need to come again and again. But this happiness persisted for just a few days. I had the treatment and it was not a very comfortable experience. The orthodontist was handling me very badly and despite my screaming, he didn’t stop for a second and didn’t treat me with soft hands. She was treating me like she was torturing me. She was doing the procedure in a hurry and just wanted to run away as soon as finished. Sitting on that chair was a horrible experience. I can’t explain the pain I went through in those almost 3 hours. After the procedure was finished, I took a deep breath and thought that the torture is over. When I went to pay the bill, I was shocked to see it. The bill was huge. All the scans and the procedure were quite expensive. I paid the bill, came back home and suddenly the pain started in my gums and the tooth. The pain was severe and it was causing the headache too. My muscles were stretched and the pain was becoming worse. I had an infection in my gums and I suffered from all these complications or side effects for around two weeks after the procedure. For the cure of the infection, I did the course of antibiotics as the infection was severe.
So, if you have any dental health issues and you are planning to go to the Renaissance Dental Studio, please must give it a second thought. They will make a quite expensive bill by adding different scans in it and by saying that they are using advanced technology. The result of their treatment is not very impressive, what my experience showed me. Thus, to save your teeth and to avoid making your problem more complicated, avoid to go to Sarah Pless, DDS: Renaissance Dental Studio.

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